4 things an employer is looking for in an interview

Regardless of what industry or business you’re wanting to apply for there are a range of core capabilities that every employer is looking for in their potential future employee. Being aware of these (and being prepared!) can help you have a more successful interview, and hopefully get you that one step closer to being picked for the job.

Positive attitude

Nobody wants a pessimist or an unmotivated individual on their team. Your attitude affects your relationship with your supervisor and co-workers, the way you approach day-to-day challenges, and how satisfied you are with your job. Make sure you express your positivity in you how you speak and act during the interview.


Reliability and dependability are essential for almost any position. Employers need to be able to count on you to get the work done to the best of your ability and meet the goals and targets as expected. Be prepared with a couple of examples of how you’ve demonstrated trustworthiness in other situations in the past.


This one may seem obvious, but you need to make sure you communicate what you know and what you’re capable of! Your interviewer or potential employer won’t know what you don’t tell them, so don’t be afraid to portray your talents and skills in the areas they’re looking for. Make sure you know the job description comprehensively and match up your strengths with what they’re seeking.

Open to learning

Everybody has room to learn and grow, and what an interview doesn’t want to see is someone who thinks they’re perfect already. Be realistic, honest, and convey that you’re always open to learning opportunities and chances to improve your skills – technical, practical and people-related.

Keep note of these 4 core attributes that an employer is looking for when interviewing potential hires, and make sure you present yourself in the best possible light to get the highest chance of scoring that job.

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