Do you maximise your annual leave?

With the growing organisation support of employees maintaining a healthy work-life balance are you maximising your annual leave?

Did you know that almost all full time employees in Australia are entitled to annual leave. This entitlement provides you with four weeks pay AWAY from your workplace. When you correctly use this time you can gain huge reward both in your professional and personal life.

Before asking for annual leave its important that you think about how you are going to be spending this time. Start by making a list of what you want to do and what you want to achieve during this time so that when you are actually on leave your time is spent wisely.

We have listed some of the ways that you can maximise your annual leave to make life better:

    1. CLOCK OFF – Turn the technology off! Don’t let your work devices control your life during your annual leave. Make sure that you have changed your email account to automatic reply that you are on annual leave and don’t check your emails whilst on holidays!


2. EXPLORE – Annual leave is designed to invigorate your mind and body and nothing does this better than travelling. Use your leave to gain new perspectives and explore places that you have never seen either in Australia or overseas. When you come back to work you might find that you see things in a new light, which can help reinvigorate your work.

3. INCLUDE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS – If you plan your annual leave over the next year you can set them in line with public holidays (if your boss approves of course). Why is this important? Well choosing dates wisely will leave you with longer breaks, giving you more time off.


4. DO WHAT YOU LOVE – No matter how much you love your job, chances are there’ve been moments when your enthusiasm has waned. It’s only natural that your motivation ebbs and flows – it can be harder to bounce into work full of energy some days more than others. This might be because you’re tired and need a break. Use your annual leave to step away from work for a few weeks and reacquaint yourself with some of the hobbies and interests you’ve neglected.

Well planned annual leave leads to more fulfilling time off and more fulfilling time off benefits you both personally and professionally. So, maybe it’s time to schedule some annual leave and start recalibrating your work-life balance.

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