Was 2017 a hit or miss in regards to employing staff? Many businesses we assist with employment recruitment say they spend so much time on trying to find that ‘right’ employee their business suffers in the process.

Unfortunately we live in a society of entitlement. Recent times has created a generation of potential employees who use their phones during work hours, do not communicate with the employee when they are going to be absent or do not show the employer and company property the respect it deserves. How do we tackle this without pulling our hair out!

The millennial generation has not had the education of employment like previous generations as we now live in a fast paced environment where the simplistic expectations have been missed creating an employee who is ill informed and lacks the requirements to meet your position. What do you do?

This is where you have two decisions, well three actually.

  1. You allocate at least one month of yours or your best employees time to induct and be a role model to the new employee. During the month the employee learns what time to come to work (not one minute before work), how to dress, act and conduct their role whilst at work. In this supported environment you can create an employee with strong values that reflect what you were taught and how the company is to be represented at all times.
  2. You fire the employee and continue looking with the chances being high that you will find a similar candidate and so the cycle continues.
  3. You hire an employment recruitment agency like “Flexiforce” that will work with you to develop the ideal employee profile. Knowing what you want in an employee is vital to create the perfect workforce. Many employers do not spend the time evaluating what they require to meet the companies targets and therefore end up with a workforce that is dysfunctional and unproductive.

Our team works with you through every aspect of employment. We have already reviewed our database of pre vetted candidates and provide you with individuals that match your ideal employee profile. This process streamlines the employment process and significantly reduces your time with ‘the wrong’ employees. Whilst we can not guarantee that every candidate is perfect we are confident with who we recommend and have built our companies reputation around the caliber of employees put forward for employment.

Speak with Peta and the team to discuss how easy this process is www.flexiforce.com.au/contact

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