Helping your employees manage the work/life balance

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As nice as it sounds, the concept of having staff members who never shut off from the job is actually quite dangerous. While our careers are often exhilarating and enjoyable, we do need time to ourselves. No matter what you do for a living, you will hold interests totally out of your professional sphere. For that reason, it’s important that as an employer you help your staff to really find the right work-life balance.

It may not seem like your responsibility, but the more you can do to facilitate a balance, the better.

How, then, can you help your employees to make this decision?

Keep The Door Open. The best thing that any employer could do is to keep the door open. Two-way communication is an essential practice in a good work-life balance. If staff feel like they can come and talk to you about personal and professional challenges without judgement or censure, they’ll be able to give more in the workplace. It also helps them to know that, if things are too much at present, that the can speak out with fear of losing trust in the workplace.

Make Trust Obvious. A good work-life balance is easier to achieved when staff know they can work without the eagle eyed management watching over their every move. If you let staff know that they are trusted regardless of how long they are working for or where they work from, you’ll get more back from them. Your staff can be positive and productive without being tethered to the disk all day!

Invest in Stress Management. You should really look to invest in training modules and coaching courses for your senior management. They should be able to be the beating heart of the team, and also the counsellor and coach that is needed when someone is having a bad day. Effective coaching in stress management will help them to better balance out the workload, ad avoid pressure being heaped on employees already suffering from the strains of the job.

Appreciate Individualism. While it might seem easier to set up some form of universal programme for dealing with stress workplace scenarios, it’s really not the case. The worst thing that you can do is expect every member of staff to fit into a rigid working formula. You need to be ready to be more flexible on policy, and informal arrangements.

Again, communication goes a long way here; someone might need to leave earlier than others to catch the last bus home to be there for their child. A simple adjustment of working schedules is a simple but effective way to help make staff feel wanted and appreciated.

With the above, you should find it a bit easier to better balance out the challenge of work and life. The balance is a hard one to strike, but you can almost certainly get it right if you are willing to make concessions and listen to the lifeblood of your business. The happier your staff are, the more likely it is that your customers and clients will benefit from that.

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