How to organise and run a proper induction

Filling an open role with a new hire doesn’t end at them simply turning up to work on their first day. While they might be experienced, skilled and have a hard-working attitude, this isn’t enough on its own to help them be successful at your company. An effective and comprehensive induction process is fundamental. There are a couple of key things that are essential to a successful induction:

 Use an engaging process

Nothing’s worse than an induction process of just sitting in a boardroom watching old Powerpoints for hours. Instead, consider using more modern methods and tools like online learning modules, or have interactive discussions. Not only will this better suit younger audiences, but it’s also more engaging so the information will be better retained.

Don’t overwhelm them with documentation

While a handbook of important work-related information or procedures can be really useful, make sure you’re not overwhelming them. Work through it gradually or allow them to have time to go through it without urgency.

Provide a handy checklist

A checklist can make a significant difference in keeping things smooth and organised through the induction process and possibly even the first month or so. This checklist should include things that the new employee must complete or learn during their first couple of weeks, such as health and safety trainings, or setting up their workstation.

Ensure the employee understands their place within the company

It needs to be clear to them who they’re reporting to, who their teammates are, or if they have any reports of their own. Introduce them to others and include them in your lunch plans for their first day. This helps them understand where their responsibilities fit in, and establishes a sense of inclusion.

To boost your fresh hire to maximum productivity, inductions needs to be well organised, comprehensive and definitely not rushed. Use this tips to supercharge your onboarding process!

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