Start your year off on the right foot

New year

Start your year off on the right foot

2018 is upon us and the first month of the year is done for your team. While employee spirits are high now is the time to develop a strategy for achieving your businesses targets.


Many employees return from the Christmas/New Years break with a renewed sense of positivity, energy and willingness to ‘get their job done’ according to business requirements. How we translate this into a positive move for the business can be achieved through open communication and clear guidelines in the first week. The following is just some ideas to get your employees knowing what you expect from them in 2018 –


  1. Business Development Day – Start the year off with your employees by conducting a Business Development Day. Isn’t that just for corporations playing golf we hear you say? No not at all. Any size business benefits from this ‘day’. Think of it as your yearly reboot/training day with your employees. Conducted in a casual environment (casual clothing, relaxed round table seating and light meals) you will lay out the companies policies and procedures encouraging discussion from your employees on how this applies to them. Provide everyone with a copy of the policies and procedures manual or a single page document that has your ’10 commandments’. At the end of the day have all employees sign off that they acknowledge and pledge to adhere to the companies policies.


  1. Organisation – Nothing starts a new year better than a clean workspace. Crank up the music and advise employees that for one hour everyone no matter what your role is in the company will be cleaning the workspace and reorganising it. This is a great time as an employer or manager to move around to each station speaking directly with employees about their break and any repairs or equipment to complete their role.

Have the employee/s provide you with their recommendations for improving their workstations and include these in the Continuous Improvements Plan or create a simple document that reflects and acknowledges that their ideas are valued in the company.


  1. Competition – Keep the spirits alive and create a competition with your employees for the next work event. Have all your employees become involved and either work collaboratively or individually to create a team building day or function so that employees have something to look forward to. This will have everyone thinking as a group/team. The winner will then work with the Employer/Manager to develop a plan within the companies guidelines and continue the enthusiasm throughout the year.


When we look at the positive behaviour of employees after the festive break we can learn a lot about how to build a positive team environment. As even we know not everyone gets a long with all of their family but we still enjoy the energy that is experienced during this time. Most employees spend more time with their co-workers than they do their own family so it only seems natural that we should be creating an environment that is comfortable, productive and inviting to continue to grow your company.