Why Flexiforce? Here’s why…

Flexiforce sets itself apart from our competitors because of our consistent emphasis on both Employer and Employee. We find the right person for every job, every time, and in the process, we improve your bottom line.

There is a universal truth in business; that is that good people are always in short supply. You will know as well as we do what a great difference that working with competent suppliers and partners can make, and our goal is to support your operation with helpful, qualified and enthusiastic staff. Flexiforce approaches every new client partnership with diligence, ensuring that we have a total understanding of your staffing requirements and we take note of your safety requirements and standards. We will also assure you of our own standards and compliance to industry and legal standards.

Although operationally, our clients will always supervise our temporary staff, we offer every level of support that you require including site inductions, drug and alcohol testing, and health and safety inspections. Flexiforce knows that our strength is in our team, and our long history of continuous growth has made Flexiforce one of the leading, privately owned and operated temporary labour suppliers in New South Wales.


Is finding the right staff an ongoing problem?

Labour Hire

Are you after a simple solution to your staffing requirements?

Payroll Management

Would you like to streamline your payroll processing?

Workers Compensation Management

Do you know the effect that claims have on future premium calculations?

Sick Leave Management

What impact is sick leave having on your bottom line?

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Do you have a drug and alcohol policy or a random testing program?

Are you looking to hire the right staff?

Take advantage of an experienced team that can not only assist you in your day-to-day business activities, but also supply you with the best skilled or experienced person for your business and more importantly, the person who best “fits” your organisation to ensure longevity and stability.

Whether you’re looking to employ for full-time professionals or temporary employees, count on our expert recruiting solutions to help you solve your unique business challenges.

Our Unique Employment Philosophy

Flexiforce is a professional team, constantly exceeding employers expectations and improving employees lives through guidance and opportunity. Our clear understanding of the intricate functionality of the services we provide our clients and also reducing overhead costs to employers.

Standard for Quality

Flexiforce sets the standard for professionalism, product quality and top notch customer service. These are the standards that set Flexiforce apart from its competitors. By having a solid reputation for reliability and quality service, Flexiforce’s competitive advantages are reflected in our incessant growing respect – within the industry and with its customers.