Long-term employees are your greatest asset. Not only do they signify employee satisfaction, but also provide you with a helping hand. Long-term employees have a solid knowledge base, are loyal, and indicate stability. Long-term employees are also cost effective, in which employee turnovers have large fees that come along with them, such as exit interviews and then advertisements for new employees.

Here is a list of attributes you should look for when you are in the hiring process and want to find an employee to stick around long-term.

Enthusiasm – During the interview, if your future employee looks like they would rather be anywhere but in that interview, or if they cringe at the thought of manual labour, then that is a sure way to know that they are not going to be with your company for a long time. Obviously, interview nerves come into play, but the enthusiasm will keep your employee motivated.

Reliability – You want to be able to rely on your long-term employees, so look for ways that you can see that your future employee is reliable. Do they show up to the interview on time, or 15 minutes early? Are they punctual when getting back to your emails? Etc

Performance – You want to make sure that you aren’t just hiring anyone for a specific job that requires experience. Also, if they already have experience in that field then that shows you that they will want to exceed your expectations and continue moving up.

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There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before hiring an employee, however hopefully these tips help make the process easier. Although, remember that the main key in keeping an employee long-term is ensuring you are treating them fairly and with respect.