Whether you are upskilling to expand your current skills, or perhaps you want to pursue a new area that you are interested in; upskilling in your personal time is valuable and more important than ever before. As humans, we are always learning new things, so it is good to be proactive in our personal time as well as during our business hours. Employers appreciate it when employees are working hard to expand their skill set, as it shows initiative and interest in the business.

You don’t have to get a formal education on the side of balancing work and leisure to expand your skill set. Here we have four tips to help you stay proactive and upskill.


– Reading in your spare time is going to help immensely. Whether you want to read autobiographies and biographies on other successful people in your field, or you want to learn a whole new skill set, the best way to do it is by picking up a book.


– Switch up the music or the radio on your daily drives for an interesting podcast about a certain skill set you want to attain, or even a podcast about the field you are in. You can learn a lot more through podcasts than you will through the current hot hits on the radio.


– Volunteering allows you to step out of your comfort zone (that’s a skill you can learn in the process!). During the volunteering process, you will be in a different environment and meet an abundance of new people, plus it looks excellent on your resume.

Online Courses

– Although you may not have time to study a full degree, consider taking an online course that you can complete in your spare time. Swap the Netflix and TV shows for study time (however remember to leave some time for yourself), and you’ll be on your way to expanding your skill set in no time.

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