In today’s world any business has to wear many hats. In the HR world this is even more demanding with your HR professionals or business owners needing to be specialists in legislation and best practice, accounting and the Australian payroll taxation system. Is there a better solution?

Many HR tasks can be outsourced to a third party. Payroll, recruitment, investigations, keeping management information up to date such as starters, leavers, sickness and holidays, sick leave management and worker’s compensation management are all functions that can be outsourced. This can then allow line managers to focus on supporting the main resource of any business, their employees. Line managers can look at activities such as; up skilling, coaching, mentoring, focusing on increasing sales and cementing a high performance culture.

On the other hand, by having an in-house HR person or department this can help to ensure a consistent approach with areas such as; leadership, enhancing the employer brand, bridging communication gaps and strengthening relationships across the business.

From an employee perspective, it is the absence of in-house HR resources that raises the most concern, especially when it comes to day-to-day HR queries and the face-to-face contact unless you are lucky enough to find an employment recruitment agency that offer the complete service – that would be where you think hmmm… Flexiforce does all that and more!

The modern way to do HR

There is quite a trend appearing with many businesses moving to outsourced HR services.

Why? Because business requires focus and HR is not working on the business but in the business.

Too many employers and managers spend countless hours dealing with HR issues that need careful consideration and attention to meet with those legal requirements. Oh, and may we remind you those legal requirements do change on average every three months. You have your award changes, industry changes and work place health and safety changes, just to scratch the surface.

Choose you HR provider carefully?

Accessible and affordable HR support can be offered by a trusted partner like Flexiforce.

If you do opt to outsource your HR, whether you are an enterprise organisation or a small growing business, make sure that you do your research. The provider or providers you choose must hold the relevant industry accreditations and need to represent both the employer and employee. Always ask them the question of WHY! Why should I choose your support and not a HR Manager?

In summary

For smaller businesses, outsourcing human resources seems to make sense, as they get access to full time advice and support but with a part time cost attached; this saves on operational expenses and allows the business to focus on employees and growth. The misconception that HR support is costly is unsubstantiated and if you think the average employee recruitment now takes 23 days before the employee even walks in your front door. How much money does that cost you to do yourself?

For enterprises, compliance and risk management are two of the main challenges linked to larger businesses, and are more likely to have legal liability attached to its operations, so outsourcing tends to be used for more specific or project based needs. HR support like Flexiforce should always work with your existing management team to get the best results from your employees who will generate greater productivity. HR is like doing your tax return. You don’t want to get it wrong because it can be costly.

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